Someone Behind The Scene

Once after a lunch session on a visit to a local monastery, Mr. Vanderbilt said something that strengthened my sense of happiness. “Maybe in the next twenty years, I will see you in the ranks of leaders in Indonesia”, He said.
I am happy, even now.
I’m happy because I finally got to know a teacher, who was so kind and generous in encouraging his students.
But unfortunately he was wrong. I don’t want to be in that front position. I don’t want to be a leader. If I am a trusted psychic, I will predict: My dear friends have a lot of quality as our future leaders.

If we were in the Harry Potter universe, my brave and fierce friends would enter Griffindor, the smarts and wises would be part of Ravenclaw, and those who were ambitious and focused would be Slytheryn’s pride. As for me, I will be part of the Hufflepuff cheerleaders.

One day I will see them on the leadership stages. They will read grand speeches on issues of peace religion, statehood, gender, culture, environment and humanity. As for me, I want to be the one who stands first and claps every time their speech is over.

One day they will stand in the forefront of the humanitarian movement. They will need strong support, loyal support to accompany them reaching the finish line. As for me, I want to be their loyal supporter, staying behind encourages them to move forward.

One day they will win the highest award in an effort to defend humanity. Their names will be circulated in the news media. They will appear at every important interview. As for me, I will tell everyone how proud I am of them and what they have done.

One day they will stand at the highest level in a defense against injustice. They will go to unreasonable war, they may get hurt and want to surrender. As for me, I want to be someone who wraps that wound and pulls them from the brink of despair.

I want to be someone like that.
A loyal buyer. A supporter for every match. A spectator at every theater performance. A person who is always ready to welcome complaints. A person who will always be remembered and always forgotten. A person who is always there when they want to say ‘I need you’.

I want to be someone like that, Mr. Vanderbilt.
Someone behind the scene.


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